October 7, 2010

So long dinosaur age...

I'm part of the 21st century these days. It's true. I have a fancy pants phone that does more than make calls. I also broke down and bought an mp3 player. I've had both for a week now, and it's pretty great to join the masses. I can see what all the fuss has been about.

I couldn't jump on the Apple bandwagon, however. I can only jump so far. My cd player broke in my car, and it was driving me batty listening to commercials so I broke down and picked up a Phillips mp3 player for $30. It holds 4GB worth of music. It's currently about half full, I still need to add new downloads and my cd collection. So, I'm sure it'll be filled fairly quickly. It's okay, I don't expect much great new music anyhow. I have the classics and the better stuff from the last 30 years covered.

As for the phone, I had been using Cricket for the last year. Prior to that I was a long-term T-mobile customer. They ticked us off and we abandoned them for cheaper service. Frank's phone was covered by work so it was only me that needed a plan. Cricket was an easy choice it was $25/mo and I didn't need any bells and whistles. It worked fine, as long as I didn't leave Las Vegas. When I visited my mom, or traveled to San Francisco or Phoenix I had no coverage. The only place I had service besides Las Vegas was San Diego, it even worked in the Pacific Ocean oddly enough.

After a year, I couldn't take it anymore. Texting was a ridiculous chore and I wanted to be able to make calls during all my travels. Plus, I have developed a need to respond to emails and such in a timely manner. It was time to upgrade. I wanted a blackberry. I shopped all the plans, and settled on Boost Mobile. They have no contract and unlimited blackberry service is $60/mo. A deal in comparison to other plans I saw. I was worried about coverage, but figured it could be no worse than Cricket's service. I went to Radio Shack and bit the bullet. I bought an older model Curve and change my number over to Boost. I was all set an hour after leaving the store. I've traveled to Orange County and to my mom's and I have not lacked coverage. It's wild to access the internet in places that I couldn't even make a call before. Technology, it certainly is a wonderful thing. I have to say life has been made a little easier this past week.

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