October 22, 2010

Missing: Sunshine

It's been a dreary week. Although, I admit I liked the storms. I do miss me some lightning and thunder. But after a night or two I had my fill. I tolerated it a bit longer just because rain is good for the roofing business. Now, I'm good. I need blue skies and sunshine. Got that mother nature?

I did appreciate the rainbow yesterday.

I caught this beauty while getting the mail. By the way, I'm being inundated by political mailers and phone calls. I voted last week, but it matters none. They keep coming, and calling. Now, if I don't recognize the number calling I ignore it. So, now my voicemail is filling up with political messages. I'm not sure what's worse. And what ever happened to save the trees??

This is from Wednesday and Thursday. The amount we see in a week is even more gross. I cannot wait for election day. Anyway, I hope the sun returns tomorrow. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Tomorrow is the annual music and food festival, get the scoop at Vegas Values: Bite of Las Vegas. That really makes it sink in that fall is indeed here. I'm in denial that Halloween is right around the corner. Soon, I'll be saying that about Thanksgiving. It never fails. Speaking of Halloween, next Saturday Fashion Show Mall is having a neat event. Students from Las Vegas' Fashion and Design school are putting on a Halloween Couture show. See Spooktacular Fashion for details.

Las Vegas is gearing up for the holiday, I've seen dozens of parties announced. I'm interested to see what clever and creative costumes will be spotted this year. I need to find out when there will be trick or treating. I heard some flack over celebrating Halloween on Sunday. I don't know if it held any weight. I bought those ginormous bags of Hershey's candy from Sam's Club. I made the mistake of putting out the candy too early, nearly all the Reeses and KitKats are gone from the first bag. I did my damage, but my dear husband is the culprit. Sorry kids, you'll be getting a bulk of Almond Joys, Hershey's Bars and Whoppers this year.

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