October 12, 2010

Sushi crazed, among other things

We're falling back into regular routines now that the family is gone. I spent much of the weekend cleaning house, restocking the fridge and pantry and tackling my massive laundry piles. I'm pleased to report I'm all caught up on those, with any luck it'll make it easier to make time to get back into the swing of regular exercise. I've been a slug, I haven't worked out since I hurt my ankle late spring. I'm running out of valid excuses so it's time to get my ass moving. That's first on my to-do list. I also have intent to menu plan for weeknight dinners. I planned to write out a menu for this week, but I failed. Failed so much so that last night I had Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Nowhere does that fit into my slug no more, get fit plan. But what fun is life without guilty pleasures and tasty eats. I might have also had a tall boy with those wings. What? It was MNF, and I had a coupon for free wings. Now, you can see why my clothes are fitting a bit tighter than I'd like.

That brings me back to my original point. Sushi it's supposed to be healthy right? Well, as long as you choose items without mayo, cream cheese or those that are deep fried. We found a place near the house, Hokaido, they do all sort of rolls and sushi. Even there udon dishes are good. We've been twice for sushi in less than two weeks. We've been sampling their rolls. Yes, even those with all that bad stuff. They're good, What the Hell has been a favorite. It has Spicy Tuna, Cream Cheese, and Jalapeno. (left to right: fried california roll, what the hell, rock n roll, spicy crab).

We had these on our first visit, along with a very tasty udon noodle dish. Dark Horse: spicy crab, tempura shrimp, avo and crunch; Japanese Lasagna: baked crab and cream cheese; and a classic spicy tuna roll.

We've hardly made a dent in the offerings. I anticipate many more return visits so we'll continue to eat our way through the menu. I should probably stray from those less healthy options, but who am I kidding? I'll get what I want. Life's simply too short.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Looks good! I always say I'm gonna try new things when I get sushi, but I can't get away from the California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, and Yellowtail sashimi. Maybe some day I'll move on...

Kellee said...

Your picks are among my favorites, can't beat a classic. Sometimes simple is best. Still, I like to branch out and try new and different flavor combinations.