October 14, 2010


Last night we got antsy sitting at home. After watching the last miner rescued we couldn't sit still any longer. We were going out. Frank searched online for something new to check out. He turned up Quinns Bar at GVR. They supposedly had live music and put on some audience participation show similar to dueling pianos. It sounded fun, we'd check it out, but it didn't start until 8:30. We had find something else to occupy our time in the meantime. He thought, Club Fortune! It's one of the very few casinos in the valley we've never been.

He used his On Star to retrieve directions. For the first time, in three tries it actually gave us the most direct route. It was about time. 23 miles later we arrived at our destination on Racetrack Rd. Club Fortune is way WAY out there! It's a clean break-in joint it reminded me a bit of Joker's Wild. Although, I haven't been in their in ages. It offers all games, a couple large bars and the staff seemed friendly enough. The sportsbook was closed, but it was a Leroys. Frank had a crazy parlay he needed to cash in. We went to the cashier to collect. The ticket cost $9.88, it had 200-something bets at 4 cents each. It paid $9.74. We had a good laugh.

We got our player's card, supposedly they offer nothing for new sign-ups but Frank managed to walk away with a free deck of cards. You can never have too many of those, even living in Las Vegas. We walked the casino and an old penny slot, Roamin' Rhinos, caught Frank's eye. I played it, too. We each got the bonus, the hilarity of it was the rhinos didn't move. Frank made $50 and I made $25. Score!

He went to play blackjack, they had a $2 table. Usually our favorite, but I wasn't feeling it. Frank lost hand after hand because first base kept hitting cards he should've stood on. He got up and moved to the $3 table. It went better, well, until he hit a losing streak. He took the remainder of his buy-in and went to $1 craps. I played, too. I had a couple decent rolls, but everytime I got something going I'd seven out. I did have one good roll that netted Frank $65. So, all was not lost. Rather than betting more and chance leaving on a sour note, we bailed. So far we like Club Fortune. I can't tell you how long it's been that I haven't had my tits kicked in. It's fun to win.

Next stop was GVR. We found Quinns. Turns out there was no live music as advertised. Only karaoke. We had a beer and left, a quirky chick singing Enter Sandman was the final straw. Not wanting to go home, we stopped at PT's for another beer. I proceeded to lose $20 on keno. Frank lost $45 between keno, VP and slots. At least the beer was cold and tasty.

Got home and it wasn't even 10:00. This whole getting dark early thing is messing with my mind. My internal clock is totally whacked. I'm not digging fall. Can't it be summer, again?


Hurricane Mikey said...

A night out on the town and home by 10 pm? Don't blame gettin' old on the sun! Heh.

Kellee said...

Shh! That's my secret. I'm a geezer. Especially, on work nights. I need my sleep. Back in the day, Frank would work until 9:30, 10:00. We'd go out and come home at 3 or later. I was great for catching graveyard specials, but my job suffered. I've never overslept more in my life.

When my sister was here, I stayed out until midnight on a work night. I wasn't even late the next day... I'm such a rockstar. lol.