October 15, 2010

Are you normal?

Yesterday, I caught wind of topic Oprah did on her show. Ordinarily, I’m clueless and generally I could care less about anything Oprah has to say. But, this show was, Are you Normal? There is even a quiz to take to see how you fare. It piqued my interest.

Who doesn’t wonder if they are normal? For the most part, I think I fit into normal parameters, but I often tell Frank that flies on the wall must think we are absolutely bizarre. We act goofy, discuss the most unusual topics and say and do things that only we could understand. It’s why we’re so perfect for each other. But, are we normal? Am I normal?

I never liked quizzes in school. Yet, I enjoy them as an adult. Go figure. I like those that test my knowledge and those that are purely entertainment.
There are a series of questions in the quiz, these are the ones I found more interesting…

How often do you have sex?
Every single day (5%)
At least once a week (47%)
About once a month (19%)
It's been awhile (28%)
Experts at Indiana University say 30 percent of all couples have sex two to three times a week.

Phew, I'm normal. For those 5%, how do you find the time?

Do you and your spouse sleep in separate bedrooms?
Yes (12%)
No (88%)
A recent National Sleep Foundation study said one in four American couples sleep in separate bedrooms. The National Association of Homebuilders predicts 60 percent of custom-built homes will have two master suites by 2015.

This was when I knew my parents' marriage was over.

How many hours of football should a man watch a week?
None (14%)
3 hours (46%)
6 hours (35%)
12 hours or more (5%)
According to a USA Today online poll, the "normal" American man watches three to six hours of football per week.

My guy exceeds the average.

Men would most prefer to marry a…
Blonde (39%)
Redhead (3%)
According to a November 2006 survey by Sunsilk and Askmen.com, 75 percent of men surveyed said they plan to marry a brunette if they haven’t already.

Good thing I found a guy that likes redheads.

Are you normal if your spouse has never seen you naked?
Yes (11%)
No (89%)
According to a USA Today poll, 92 percent say you are not normal if your spouse has never seen you naked.

I try not to judge, but it's absolutely not normal.

After you blow your nose, do you look in the tissue?
Yes (78%)
No (22%)
Dr. Oz says looking at a tissue after using it creates a sense of satisfaction for people.

Might be gross, but it's a tell tale sign if it's allergies or infection.

When you buy new underwear, do you wash them before you wear them?
Always (36%)
Sometimes (27%)
Never (37%)
Dr. Oz's team lab-tested undergarments from coast to coast and found some that tested positive for yeast, fecal matter and even blood.

Eww! My germ phobias are often a good thing.

Do you sleep with your underwear on or off?
On (64%)
Off (36%)
While Dr. Oz says there isn't a lot of research on this, it's better for women to sleep without underwear. "You don't want it to be so moist down there. Let it dry out a little bit," he says. "Secondly, the underpants can abrade on your skin a little bit, which can cause pimples, and you don't want that."

Nakedness, baby. Let those panties fly.

Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
Yes (93%)
No (7%)
Researchers from the American Society for Microbiology found that 93 percent of women and 77 percent of men washed their hands after using the restroom.

Liars. It is digusting to witness how many people do not wash their hands. Especially in casinos. Please people wash your hands, and use soap.

Do you lie about your weight on your driver's license?
Yes (46%)
No (54%)
According to a BettyConfidential.com poll, 68 percent of women lie about their weight on their driver's license.

I do. I guess I don't represent the majority.

Is it normal for parents to lie to their children?
Yes (77%)
No (23%)
According to a 2009 University of San Diego study, 78 percent of parents admit to lying to their children.

Far more do, hello, santa?

Is it normal for men to travel with a stuffed animal?
Yes (6%)
No (94%)
British hotel chain Travel Lodge found that one in four men travels with a stuffed animal.

Absolutely not. Apparently, a fair amount of British men are sissys.

Is it normal for pets to sleep in their owners' beds?
Yes (63%)
No (37%)
According to a Harris Poll, 69 percent of owners let their pets sleep in bed with them.

I sure many find this normal, but eww, my mind can't get past the germs they'd bring into my bed, not to mention the allergens.

Is it normal to sleep in the nude?
Yes (72%)
No (28%)
A recent Glamour magazine poll found that 56 percent of women routinely sleep naked.

I'm a little surprised how many don't sleep in the nude. But I suppose kiddos might hamper that.

What is the most Googled word ever?
Sex (42%)
Weight (19%)
Love (21%)
Money (17%)
The Google research department says the answer is "love."

Funny that the majority says it's sex.

I'm not entirely normal, I expected that. I am me. That's what really matters. I'm even lucky enough to have a man that accepts all of my quirks and loves me whether I'm normal or not.


Jay said...

There are some very interesting questions there. And yes, I agree, the Brits are sissy's if 1 in 4 (really?!) bring a stuffed animal on their travels? Wowsa!

And you sleep in the nude? Oooo, your male readers like to read that! haha

Great stuff...very interesting indeed.

Kellee said...

Yeah, that stuffed animal bit caught me off guard. It's not something I'd even consider, even for a woman.

It does leave me a little curious what their stuffed animals are... build a bear? childhood snuggle bunny?

Hoya said...

Maybe they miss their kids when they travel for work and take one of their kids' stuffed animals along with them? You guys are being mighty judgmental for the poor Brits....Or perhaps it's just different societal norms.

Kellee said...

You do raise valid points. I never considered the kids. But there is no mention, so I had to assume it was their own personal stuffed animal.