November 1, 2010

November? How?

Seriously, how is it November? This year is just zipping by. As much as I hate the cold I really can't complain (much), it is pretty mild here and I have trips to warmer destinations planned. First up is San Francisco, can't say it'll actually be warmer, but the forecast looks about the same as what we've been experiencing here. Then, we're off to Phoenix. And next month, it's Mexico. To say I cannot wait is an understatement.

I'm happy to see October go. It was a rollercoaster month, and it's left me pretty drained. I'm ready to put it behind me, and focus on better times ahead. Halloween was kind of a bust this year. We went to the Strip on Saturday and casino hopped between Bally's and Treasure Island. Not too many costumes, maybe they were all waiting for Halloween? This year offered the best bang for your buck on costumes, you could've had really gotten your monies worth this year... you could dress up Fri, Sat and Sunday. Parties even started mid-week at the clubs. Anyway, the most popular costume spotted was Mario and Luigi. Funniest I saw was a group dressed like ICP rolling down Flamingo smoking a blunt. Sadly, I don't have a vote for most creative. Saturday afternoon, Frank and I had lunch at PBR Rock Bar. They were celebrating Horny Halloween. Sexy versions of Care Bears, TMNT's Raphael, and others were spotted.

Yesterday at 6 o'clock I feared I wouldn't have any trick or treaters, but then the bell rang, and it didn't stop until 8:30 when I turned out the lights because I ran out of candy. Lots of cute kids, polite, too. Even the older kids played nice.

Tomorrow is election day. I think I may be even more excited over that than Halloween. Today should be my last day for junk mail and political calls. I'm pretty stoked it's nearly done, I've grown so tired of it all.

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