November 3, 2010


I kept busy this weekend cleaning house among other things. Every week I do basic tidying up, and then every two months the house gets a top to bottom deep clean. That's when I'll put out the appliances, scrub the tile, wipe the base boards, descale the hardwater in the showers, scrub the stove, etc. The house was due for a deep cleaning this weekend. When I pulled out the microwave I found an old bag of Sandwich Thins that had fallen into the abyss.

Immediately I was grossed out, I didn't want to get near it. Let alone touch it to throw it away. I figured it had to be pretty gnarly and laced with furry mold. I took a deep breath and went in, and much to my surprise it wasn't gross at all. In fact there wasn't a spot of mold. It wasn't even all that stale. Then, I was utterly grossed out in the same way I was after watching that Super Size Me movie. That showed the twinkie-like life of McDonald's french fries. Yuck. I checked the date, August 21, 2010. Yep, these things should've expired long ago. I bought them thinking we could save some calories and they're made without high fructose corn syrup. I'm not sure what's in these, but I can be sure it's not natural. I won't be buying them again.


Hoya said...

We have humidity & I've had sandwich thins go moldy AND get stale. Not sure what's going on with your frankenbuns but my experience has been different ;-)

Kellee said...

That's good to hear that they are capable of rot. It's been abnormally humid here. So, it was such a surprise.