September 23, 2010

Thursday, already?

It feels like my week has just begun and the weekend is nearly here, already. I'm not complaining. It's just been a crazy few days and I'm treading water to keep afloat.

I took Monday and Tuesday off to spend with the family. Frank and I had initially planned to take them to San Diego, but that didn't pan out. Amy had a class to take to reduce a ticket she got while visiting earlier this year. She couldn't miss it, and to get her there on time wouldn't have left us much time in SD. We couldn't make the trip work any other time during the visit. So that's a bit of a bummer, but we have made alternate plans to visit OC next weekend. We'll spend time at the beach. My mom misses water terribly. Maybe hit the zoo, and stop at Ikea. It'll be a girls trip, plus Nicky. Football season is well underway and Frank can't get away.

This past weekend was filled with lots of swimming and general play. We also went to the Children's Museum. Nicky had a blast. Saturday, we drove out to Sam Boyd Stadium to see the Las Vegas Locos. Sugar Ray performed during half-time. Nicky didn't much care for watching football, he was pretty adament that he wanted to play. We kept him occupied with boom sticks. He thought they were pretty neat.

Monday we attempted an off-road excursion to Carpenter's Canyon in Pahrump. It was a bust, because we ran into troubles with the 4WD, we didn't know it at the time, but the fuse blew. The trails we did explore ended up being too narrow for the Suburban they're more for ATV's and bikes. We did stop and have a picnic. So, all was not lost.

That night my mom checked into the Plaza. She had a couple nights to use. I stayed in with Nicky, our adventures were limited to the arcade and an attempt to watch a light show, but Nicky wanted no part of Kiss and insisted we go back to the hotel. Meanwhile, my mom played slots at Plaza, and Frank and Amy hit Fremont Street to casino hop. I'd say it was her first night wasted in Vegas, but I'm pretty certain that's not true. I seem to remember her riding the grain train courtesy of my friends and La Bayou on my wedding night. She and Frank played poker and table games. She has a new found love for roulette at Fitzgerald's. She had the most luck there. Elsewhere, she lost the money as quickly as Frank won it. Fortunately, Frank was winning and he was able to bankroll her play. They came rolling in at 4:45. We said good-bye and Frank and I drove home and climbed into bed just before the sun came up.

Our last activity was Tuesday. Frank and I took Nick to the Putt Park. It has 18-holes. He was interested for the first eleven. Then he was over it. He did really well, though, he even got a birdie.

Tonight, I rest.

I planned to share photos, but I failed to upload them to Picasa, and Facebook is down. So, they will come later.

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