Most photographed boobs

September 17, 2010
Our fine city loves the ta-tas. I wonder whose are the most photographed? Holly Madison might be up there. Her cleavage can be spotted all over town. Then, there are all ads for stripclubs and escort services. Not too mention, those for clubs. I could go on and on, but I think Mandalay Bay has itself an unexpected tourist attraction, the body wall outside Shanghai Lilly near Aureole. Particularly, the boobs.

Men and women alike can't resist the urge to touch 'em and pose with them for an ultimate Vegas souvenir. I know it's always a big attraction with those I visit with, my sister's boyfriend was no exception. Amy's final outing before Nicky arrived was to Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef. And this is what I remember most.

I was reminded of it last Friday when Frank and I dined at StripSteak. You can read all about our meal over at LLV, Vegas Values: More Than Steak at StripSteak. I was meeting Frank, I arrived early and he got stuck in traffic so I waited outside the restaurant a good 15-minutes. The people-watching was wildly entertaining. If I had to guess those boobs were photographed at least once every two minutes. The funniest was a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette party that stopped to pose with their penis straws. They must have taken a dozen obscene photos. They had a riot, and it was just as fun to watch.

Have you fondled these jugs? Do you have photos to prove it?


Hurricane Mikey-- said...

I have fondled many jugs in our fair city, these being among them...

Tara said...

HAHAHAHA, yes, I have and I believe there is photographic evidence of it. I also have the ex fondling the ones inside Cheesecake Factory at Caesars :)

Kellee said...


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