September 28, 2010

New addition

So we bit the bullet and bought a new toy. We bought a '99 Suburban a while back and it was pretty good to us. It was just a gas guzzler and it needed a lot of maintenance. We just did $500 worth of repairs and it was the start of a long list of things that needed to be done. We bought the Suburban for easy off-roading and to pull the Jimmy to further destinations. We never used it to tow because it was too expensive. Furthermore, we've already done a fair amount of work to it, Frank didn't want it to become the money pit the Jimmy has. Enough was enough. Frank swore off buying a new car, but after taking everything into account, he ate his words. Buying new at 0% is too good to pass up. It was with my '06 Impala and this time was no different.

We bought a 2010 Avalanche with an off-road package. Timing was right that we were able to snag a great deal. This is Frank's first time owning a brand new car. He works hard, he deserves the experience. I don't like taking on a new car payment, but we we practically had one between the insane gas bills and regular repairs. When you put all the numbers side by side, it's only the registration that will cost a hefty sum compared to the Suburban. Nevada's broke, so we're doing our part to help them raise funds. That's the way I'm looking at it, anyway.

It's a smooth ride. It has lots of bells and whistles. No heated seats much to my dismay, but it has satellite radio. Which I'm mighty jealous of at the moment. Not only do I miss it terribly, but my cd player recently died. I've since been stuck listening to commercials. It's hell. Soon, I'll break down and buy an MP3 player. Then, my misery will come to an end.

This purchase boots me from my spot in the garage. I've enjoyed my two+ years of covered parking, but those days have ended. It's back outside for me, I'm left to battle the elements once again. I make it sound like I'm still in Chicago, my days at my apartment with tandem parking that back up to the alley was pure hell in the winter. As soon as you'd unbury the car, the plow truck would come by and bury you again. I know it can be much worse. But I'm a complete wuss in the cold so I'm really dreading this winter. I work so close to home that my car won't even warm up until I get to work. I deal with the same thing all summer parking outside at work, I'm home before my car cools down enough to feel the A/C.

Aside from losing my spot, I'm sure I'll love the Avalanche. I'm anxious for a road-trip. We're talking about finally seeing the Grand Canyon. With any luck, we'll make it happen.


Jay said...

Awesome vehicle. Congrats!

Hurricane Mikey said...

Nice ride! I'd be jealous, except that I've only got 9 more payments on my truck before I own it outright, and it still doesn't have 30,000 miles on it yet!

Looks like it'd be comfy on a long road trip, too.

Kellee said...


Nice that you were able to keep the miles low, Mikey. I have just over a year left on mine, but I have 37,000 miles. Not bad for an '06... I racked up the miles when I was driving to Laughlin weekly, and my regular trips to Pahrump get me too.