September 15, 2010

Shocked! I tell you...

Each morning on my drive into work I listen to one of the local radio shows. Last week they had some time off. When they returned they told tales of their vacations. Mercedes, the female voice of the duo, went to New York with her family. She shares that it's become tradition that every NY trip she buys a new purse. This trip was no different, but rather than making a day of shopping they stopped at the store after the Yankees game. Still in game attire, they weren't treated with the best customer service. In fact, they were ignored until her husband commented and pointed to a bag that she already had. That perked up the staff's attention and finally they were assisted.

She chose a purse, and asked to have it shipped. When she got back to her hotel she had buyer's remorse and called to have the transaction cancelled - why reward a snooty staff with a large purchase? As she told this story, the male counterpart on the show worked to pry the cost of the bag from her. She refused, claiming she was embarrased. But later, admitted it was more than $2000. She plans to purchase this purse with her regular purse lady, that had since changed stores.

$2000 on a purse?! Do you know what kind a trip I could take with that kinda money? I was completely shocked. It's hard enough to believe that designers would ask that much, but for people to actually pay it?! Wow. Celebs, and the rich ok... Spending is relative. But geez. I was completely blown away. I listened to Playboy radio (I miss it terribly, btw) daily for a couple years, and I heard all sorts of weird, wild and crazy things but not one story or caller shocked me the way spending $2000+ on purse did.

I'm still flabbergasted. It seriously does not compute. My purse cannot cost more than I can regularly carry inside it. I don't think I've ever spent more than twenty bucks on a purse. I realize I'm pretty cheap, and way under the average, but still--$2000 is just plain nutty. Mine is on the ground half the time. If you carry around a purse that costs thousands what to you do with it while you eat at a restaurant?

What makes this whole story even crazier is that her husband supports this purchase. He encouraged it. This must be fiction, it can't possibly be true. Can it?


Hurricane Mikey said...

It's true. You should've seen my reaction to Angy's purse collection. I damn near choked when I found out how much they cost. And she's got DOZENS of them!

MarkoCincy said...

There's a story on TMZ this morning about Kim Kardashian and her mother spending over $100,000.00 on 7 purses at a Hermes store in Paris. That comes out to about $14,285.00/per. It sounds like the radio host got a bargain.

Hoya said...

Kellee, I have to say, you live in Vegas but this shocks you? Have you never looked into the stores at Wynn or the Forum Shops? Everyone has a different priority on what they spend their money on.... I personally haven't spend $2000 on a purse, but I don't buy cheap purses either - makes more sense to me to spend money and get a good quality purse (not necessarily a "designer" bag, just quality leather) that will last me 20+ years than something that falls apart in one season. And yes, I do still have bags I bought in high school & college ;-)

Kellee said...

To each their own, I get it, I do. Everyone has a splurge item, mine happens to be food. Others like purses.

I guess you could say I have sticker shock. Thank goodness I've never walked into one of these stores. I might have died on the spot. If not, I would surely embarrass myself as my mouth dropped to the floor.

I knew they existed. I see ladies toting them all around town. I've heard of the lavish spending by the Kardashians, and celebs. But it never registered how much a regular person might spend. I really thought they ran $500-$1000 tops. Apparently, I was clueless.

I rarely hold onto anything for long so cheap purses work for me. I understand spending money on quality items that last. I'm that way with shoes. I'll drop $100 on Merrells, not $800 on a pair of Louboutins. Please tell me, that's the high end of those... I'd hate to think those easily run into the thousands, too.

Hoya said...

Uh, yeah, shoes can get pretty high too. Louboutins routinely around $1000 now for dressier, special shoes with boots over $2000. (can still get a plain leather pump for $600-700) Most high end designer shoes are in that price range.

Hoya said...

PS My husband knows I crave a Bottega Veneta bag. I haven't bought one (it doesn't seem quite appropriate for my lifestyle or my job) but if that's what I wanted to spend my money on, my husband would support me. Notice - my money :-)