September 7, 2010


The one thing I miss since living in Las Vegas is thunderstorms. It's been a year since I last saw one. It was Labor Day Weekend, in fact. I remember Frank and I drove up the side of the mountain to watch the lightning over the valley while we were waiting for Shane to get in from Phoenix.

Then, this morning rather than waking to the usual bright blue skies, I was surprised to see dark skies and hear thunder. Figures the storm would arrive during the day when I wasn't able to enjoy it. Right before I was ready to head out the door, the skies opened up, it rained at the house for the first time since a drizzle we had back in June. When I say it opened up, it really did. It poured fast and hard. Tropicana was flooded by the house, but once I neared work, only a few miles down the road it was completely dry - gotta love the desert.

The highlight of our weekend was the final days of Restaurant Week. Aside from that the house got some much needed attention. I steam cleaned the carpet and because I'm so rockstar, I cleaned the rest of the house, too. And I did laundry. Then, on Sunday Frank and I tackled the landscaping. We cut the grass, raked and trimmed the trees and pruned the bushes. Said and done, the house and yard look great and the garbage men were less than thrilled to find six over-filled trash cans and a 3.5 foot tall pile of palm fronds. Needless, to say this Labor Day weekend was loaded with actual labor.

I was happy to see large crowds on the strip this weekend. Both Aria and Palazzo were the busiest I've ever seen them. Occupancy was great at Frank's properties, too. Even if the increase is short-lived, it was good to see so many visiting our fine city. Best overheard conversation this weekend was while Frank was walking through the casino, two douchy guys are talking about the tail they plan to get. One guy asks the other how he scores so much pussy, his reply? Go ugly early. Nice. Look out ladies, there are some real charmers out there.

I owe photos from Zion, last week was filled with Restaurant Week details, I never got around to them. Must correct that... stayed tuned.

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