September 14, 2010


Some words just make me smile. Onomatopoeia is one. Go ahead, say it. It's fun, isn't it? Discombobulated is another amusing word. Both have stuck with me since I first heard them in school as a kid. Skedaddle is another favorite.

Anyhow, how's that for randomness? It's feeling like a random thought sort of day.

Been sending out lots of healing vibes. Glad that Mikey has made great strides since his scare. My cousin's husband is also in the ICU. His diagnosis isn't clear, he went in with difficulty breathing. He's not doing well. I'm hopeful they get answers soon. To be in such bad shape at 32 is terrifying. Also, heard today that a friend's baby needs hernia surgery. Particularly worrisome when they're so wee. Hopeful for full and quick recoveries for all.

Makes me particularly grateful for my health and days. I'm so excited about Amy and Nicky's arrival tomorrow. I can barely contain myself.

Caught up with an old friend. Among other things she said "you've always had your shit together" talking about Frank and me. It was nice to hear. We do try to make the most out of whatever. We do our best to do so with a clear head.

I do feel like there's more for me out there. Not sure what it is. But I'm working toward making smaller goals a reality so I can go after the bigger ones.

I'm dying to go to Italy. A blogger in my reader has been sharing details of her trip. I am in awe. There have been few things I've wanted more. I must experience Italy. I'd love to make it happen in 2011, but 2012 seems more realistic.

What is it about fall that stirs up change? I always get antsy. Last year, I cut my hair short. It has taken forever to grow back. I won't be doing that again. Instead, this year, since I got over my fear of coloring my hair and all; I decided to go darker. This is my new color for fall.

Can you believe my eyes are still healing from the sunburn I got in San Diego? I saw the eye doctor on Friday. He suggested lubricating drops, I hadn't been using them because my eyes were super watery. It seemed futile. But after his explanation it made sense that they can be useful. Same idea as lotion or aloe vera on the skin after a sunburn. He urged me to wear sunglasses. Similarly, last week, the Dermatologist urged me to wear a hat and more protective sunblock. As much as I love the sun it doesn't love me. Fair-skinned redheads weren't meant for the desert - I need to accept that. I must be diligent to protect myself. Otherwise I might curl up like a raisin in the sun. So, I'm working on it. I'm working to make wearing sunglasses while driving a habit.

I need to go hat and sunglass shopping. When I was out over the weekend. I thought about looking at hats. But all I heard in my head was my mom yelling at me "don't put hats on your head, you'll get lice". Yes, it was like I was a 10 year old girl. I tried to get past her words, but I couldn't do it. I was skeeved out. Must suck it up and shop.

I've been craving sushi like mad. Must correct that soon. Also, thinking I need to try Vietnamese food. I think I'd like Pho. It's time to seek a place out.

I suppose I'll end the randomness with food. It's lunch time and I'm hungry. Grumble.

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