April 28, 2010

Wildhorses on Wheeler Pass

We begin the trail in Cold Creek, which is a couple exits after the Mt. Charleston exit, and end in Pahrump on Basin which leads you into the heart of town. You can see the trail marked on the map, Wheeler Pass Road.

We spotted wild horses pretty quick. Only a couple at first, but they later joined the rest of the herd. There were seven we saw.

The mare is nursing the foal in the upper left.

Willow Creek (run off from melting snow)

As we neared the peak many patches of snow remained. We had to drive through a large one to get to the top.

We relaxed at the peak, enjoyed the views and peace. We had a picnic lunch and then played in the snow.

Wind gusts make you look like the stay puft marshmallow man.

Snowball fight!

After our fun in the snow. We packed up the truck and headed down the mountain. We were in Pahrump in no time.

Wheeler Pass is always a great time. It's a great retreat from the heat in the summer and spring is great for seeing the snow, the creek flow and the wildhorses. We were lucky to see seven this time. Three was the most we spotted on past trips.

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