April 27, 2010

Some luck, at last

I suck, I never made it here yesterday. I did have a fun-filled weekend with detail and photos to share. Let's get right to it, shall we?

Saturday, I was out in Pahrump with my mom. I gave her a hand with a couple things around the house, and I visited with all the animals. Ducklings, goslings and chicks are due any day. The chicks have to cook a little a longer, they're kept in an incubator. Not all of her chickens are great moms, so she decided to give incubating a whirl. So far, so good. The chicks are growing right on schedule. She showed me how they move inside their shells. It's wild, check it out.

She came along with me back to Vegas, we had plans to run Wheeler Pass on Sunday. It also gave us time to celebrate her birthday. We had dinner at Casa Don Juan. It was delicious as always. It was mom's first time there, she enjoyed it, too.

After dinner, we went down to Fremont Street. First stop was Main Street Station. We hadn't been in there for years. Not much has changed, which is a very good thing. It was nice not to see a pleasure pit and carnival games. Just old fashioned games, in the most literal sense. Haven't seen coin in slots and vp since we were in Laughlin. They had fullpay VP and plenty of it. That's always nice, but I still didn't win a thing, but Frank made $60. We left there and headed to Plaza, that's where my mom wanted to go... for the goldfish game.

Frank played blackjack while we played slots, I made $60 on an old favorite, Turkey Shoot. Frank made $175 or so at the tables. Mom played on freeplay. She wanted to continue with her fishy game, so we told her we'd be around. We played a triple diamond $1 slot because we were reminiscing about our wedding day, we won $260! Sweet! Frank was on fire. Rather than push our luck, we went to Aqua Lounge, we had a couple beers and enjoyed the live band. They had a wind machine, too. Watch out Zowie Bowie, har. It must make this guitarist play better. See?

After awhile, we left to find my mom. She was still playing slots. I gave Frank my ticket to play, he lost it. And that was the end of his luck.

Next, we went to Golden Gate. My mom wanted to play some Elvis slot there, but it's been taken off the floor. Frank lost $60 there, too. Mom had no luck. I didn't play. After that we went back home. We had birthday cupcakes at 1am, we're such rockstars.

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