April 14, 2010

La Jolla: Whisknladle

We worked up a hunger at the beach so we headed over to downtown La Jolla for a bite at whisknladle it's one of my favorite restaurants. They make everything in house and specialize in local ingredients. This chalk board art in the bathroom is just one more reason to love the place. They get it...

We ordered broccoli soup, but they switched over for the evening menu so we received this sweet potato puree with creme fraiche instead. It was good, but not what we were expecting. They removed it from our bill.

Nom! The cutting board with house cured goodies. Everything was delicious, including the olives. Usually I hate olives. I've since learned not all olives are created equal.

Next up was chorizo date fritters in tomato sauce. Odd combination, but very tasty.

The caesar is wonderful. Only the one we've had at Delmonico has been better.

Then, I nearly declined dessert, but Frank saw that they churn their own ice cream. Twist my arm, I'll have the chocolate peanut butter. He had vanilla. As good as his was, it paled in comparison, mine was one of the tastiest ice creams I've consumed. It was silky and creamy, with chocolately peanut butter flavor in every bite. Bliss.

With our bellies unbelievably pleased we set off for a walk after our lunch. We just enjoyed the lovely afternoon, walking about the shops and whatnot.

I spotted this fun floral vine that resembles grapes.

It was relaxed and wonderful. I love that contentment that rushes over you from time to time. This was one of those moments.

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