April 14, 2010

La Jolla Shores

After disc golf, we headed north to La Jolla. We drove up to La Jolla Shores to check out the beach there. It was the nicest beach we've been in the San Diego area, actually, in all of California.

The sand was dirty and glittery, curious as to what causes all the gold flakes. Haven't spotted that on any other beach before.

It looks like there was a massive glitter spill.

We spotted a few friends near the tide pools.

Underwater fun in the tide pools.

A poor attempt at an underwater self photo.

Heading back, Frank couldn't resist getting his feet wet. Ack, it's COLD!!

Eventually his feet numbed and it didn't feel quite so cold. Eventually he got in up to his calves. I did not get in the water. I was in jeans and long sleeves and I was cold... dry.

Sunday we returned to La Jolla, we drove around the neighborhoods and we found one with beautiful homes overlooking the beach. We found a foreclosure, we teased saying it'd be our winter home. December & January would be the only time I'd like to live there, the rest of the year, I'll gladly stay in Vegas. Rather than picking it up for a steal at few million we figure it wouldn't be a bad place to be squatters. It'd be a good gig how ever long it might last.

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