April 16, 2010

La Jolla: Prepkitchen

Sunday we drove to La Jolla for brunch at Prepkitchen. It's the second restaurant by the whisknladle people, it opened recently so we thought we'd give it a try. It's a charming little place. You order at the counter and then you find a seat and they'll bring your selections out to you. Indoor seating was taken, so we sat out on the patio. As Frank attempted to sit he spilled coffee all over. Thankfully, I hadn't sat yet otherwise I would've been covered in hot coffee. We move to another table. I stand to scoot my chair closer to the table. Meanwhile my iced tea straw catches on my top and it knocks the glass over before we could stop it. Of course, it falls toward me and I wind up with a lap of iced tea. Wonderful. I'm now wet and cold. I sopped up as much as possible and prayed it'd dry quickly. It did about 2 hours later. It made me miss home. Here, it'd dry before I finished eating. We were laughing in hysterics, we were both in tears from the whole ordeal. I was meant to wear some beverage, it was in the stars.

Despite that, we had a nice meal. Frank had a tuna melt with gouda cheese. It was fantastic. I normally never like tuna melts, but this one was top notch.

I ordered Chilaquiles. Hadn't had them since Mexico. They were delicious, the chicken was nice and spicy.

Afterwards, we drove around checking out neighborhoods, houses, etc. Just enjoyed the sights.

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