April 13, 2010

San Diego: Con Pane Bakery

Saturday morning we began our day the best way we know how, with Con Pane Bakery. I love this place. Con Pane is what prompted this getaway. I wanted Gruyere Chive bread and The Italian. This sandwich would easily make my best things I ever ate list. It's truly wonderful. Salami, roasted roma tomatoes, pepperoncini, olive oil and lettuce. So simple, yet perfect.

Other Con Pane Bakery goodies this trip...

The Turkey Cobb

The Roast Beef

Delicious Cinnamon Rolls, we even brought some home.

And the PB & J, it made a wonderful lunch today. Frank ate his on the way home yesterday.

Con Pane is currently located on Rosecrans in Point Loma, but they will be moving next month. The new location is at Liberty Station. It's close by, I hope the quality won't be affected. I'd hate to see a really special place lose its luster. The new digs will be larger, credit cards will be accepted and they'll have ice. So, if they maintain their awesomeness it will be a good move. We'll seek out the new location next trip.

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