April 6, 2010

Hittin' the Road

The road trip to Phoenix made miss San Diego. While sitting at the Royals game, I turned to Frank and said three magic words. Con Pane Bakery. I want to go.

After a few days of planning and whatnot, we were booked. We're going to San Diego this weekend. I refuse to go in May or June. I've experienced May Gray/June Gloom once, never ever again will I make that mistake. I figured it'd be a nice escape since the weather here in Vegas has been so miserable. This yo-yo crap has got to go. I'm totally over the chill and winds, but the joke is on me. Vegas is supposed to be 80 this weekend. San Diego on Thursday? 80. Friday, when we get in? 69. And that will be the warmest day during our stay. Lovely. At least there will be sun, right? No. It does not look like it. Gray days... wonderful.

That's ok. There is plenty of bread and margaritas available. I'll make the sun shine. It might be in my own little world, but it'll be shining. Dammit.

I've had vacation on the brain. We've also booked flights to Mexico in December. Al Cielo is also reserved. Now, we just need to wait for December. It seems far away, but I'm sure summer will come and go in a hurry and winter will return in no time.

We've also settled our plans for Seattle and Vancouver this July. I still need to book flights and look into hotels. I'll get started after we return from San Diego.

I'm very excited about our travels.

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