April 29, 2010

Kitchen messes

Sunday before we headed out for Wheeler Pass, I packed a picnic lunch. I put a few cans of pop in the freezer to chill while I made sandwiches. Only I forgot about them. I didn't remember until we got home about 10 hours later. I was unpacking the truck and it hit me... Pop! Freezer! Aw, dammit!

I went in the house and slowly opened the freezer door. Little crystals of diet coke fell to the floor like snowflakes and then the mess was revealed.

It could have been worse, only two of the three cans actually exploded. Still, I did not want to clean the mess so I simply wiped the floor and decided to deal with the freezer on Monday.

I was dreading cleaning it, but much to my surprise, my super sweet husband took care of it for me. I am one lucky girl.

It got me thinking about the biggest kitchen messes I've encountered, two of my top 5 didn't even happen in the kitchen.

1. We lived at the Plaza for a couple weeks after relocating to Vegas while waiting for our condo to close. I had shopped and left diet 7-up in the car. In summer, it seems harmless enough, but 100+ temps outside makes for insanely hot temps inside the car. Pop boils and bursts, just like when it freezes. I never knew that. I had leather interior, it was soaked in 7-up, the stickiness never fully came out and the citrus scent never completely faded. To make matters worse, or more embarrassing, anyway. I brought the remaining case of pop into the Plaza I planned to bring it up to the room, but the cool air from the A/C caused the hot cans to erupt. As I walked across the casino, it was "ping" "oosh" as each can blew out. Such a mess!

2. I don't recall how this one even happened. I only remember my mom dropping a can of Pepsi and it exploded in the entry way at the condo. Pop shot all over the walls and ceiling. Pop and builder's paint don't go together so well. Those drip marks stayed put until I painted the place. It took sealant and primer to cover those spots.

3. The Spaghetti Sauce Incident. At the condo, I dropped a jar of Prego on the tile floor. It shattered and sprayed sauce everywhere. Dinner was late that night. Thankfully, it happened at the condo and not the house. With the white on white kitchen I have now, it would look like a crime scene.

4. This would have to be my forgotten pop in the freezer.

5. And lastly, I had just finished cleaning the kitchen - vacuumed and mopped the floors. I went to make cupcakes, I tried to open the package by pulling at apart the seam. Not so smart, it ripped and cake mix poofed everywhere. Sigh. Time to grab the vacuum.

How about you? Got a bad kitchen mess story?


Dave P. said...

I've had the exploding soda (Pop? What's that?). Only it wasn't in the freezer. I've put it in the little refrigerators you find in hotel rooms a few times, and I've found some sections of those can get colder than others. Freeze. Explode.

The other day, I dropped a spoon I was using to get Spaghettios out of a can. The spoon seemed to roll down my pants and then what was left on the spoon splattered on the floor.

Then there was the pepperoni I took out of the refrigerator last night that was growing things. Brand new container. At least it was contained.

Kellee said...

Goes to show you, you can take the girl out of the midwest, but you can't take the midwest out of the girl.

Pop will never be soda. But it is better than calling everything Coke.

Yuck. I hate it when foods grow stuff. I've bought moldy pepperoni and cheese before. Gross.

dle said...

I was melting white choclate in the microwave, and the bowl got really hot I went to place on the counter and totally missed the counter. the bowl hit the tile floor shattered and whie chocolate everywhere and broken glass!

Kellee said...

Yeah, that'd be a mess! I melted white chocolate in the microwave and it caught fire once. No flames, but it turned black and smoked. It smelled terrible. It really stunk up my kitchen.

Unknown said...

Had a case of diet coke explode in the back of a Subaru after sitting a couple days outside in the DC heat. Hubby accidentally dropped bug poison on soda cans after he had thrown his back out (we were dating at the time, not yet living together) He decided to clean the cans by running them through the dishwasher. If that's not bad enough - when the first one exploded, he OPENED the dishwasher. You know, so the rest could explode all over the place. Ceiling, floor, and everywhere in between. And him unable to move because of his back. Last week, biscuits in the fridge exploded. Not sure why....I didn't find them immediately, so there were bits of hard crusty stuff all over the place. My biggest mishaps are usually water related. So I ruin things, but it's not "messy" ;-)

Kellee said...

I can only imagine the mess with the pop cans in the dishwasher. I would not want to clean that one up.

Water is a pretty safe "oops!".

Unknown said...

Water isn't safe in my hands - I ruined the floor in our mudroom and we had to replace the subfloor and 2 of the tiles. Oops. That's probably the worst of my water messes - but remember, if water can create the Grand Canyon, imagine what it can do in your home!

Kellee said...

Apparently not, lol. You must be talking large quantities of water. Other than pipes bursting, my water incidents have been with less than a gallon at a time.

Unknown said...

Sadly, it was done with 2 sodden towels. Leave wet towels in place long enough and time does the damage - not volume.....I'm better now, I swear - far more careful!!!