April 1, 2010

April Fools’ Day is uniquely special to me. As a kid, my mom often teased me that there were fishes on the ceiling. I don’t really get it today, but it cracked me up – I’d laugh my belly laugh and crack her up in the process.

Then I grew up.

And 13 years ago, April Fools’ changed forever. That’s when I became a fool in love. It was then, Frank and I got together and where our love story develops.

The years come and go, but with them our love grows stronger and we collect more memories along the way. I cherish all of our days, those behind us and those yet to come.


Jason said...

Well said. Well said. I just had the best weekend hanging out with my mom. Experiences and memories are what are most valuable.

Kellee said...

Time together... doing whatever. That's all that matters.

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