April 30, 2010

Eating to fly free

This week I share details of our meal at Andre's and the other fun ways we celebrated our 6th anniversary, check it out: Vegas Values: An Evening at Monte Carlo.

The photos of our meal did not come out well, see?

It was much too dark in our booth. The main source of light came from a sconce behind me. Don't let the photos fool you, consider these bad photos of good food. First is the crab with mint amuse bouche, followed by the duck and lamb. I've posted photos of the soup and carpaccio, last September, during restaurant week.

A few days after our meal I received an email from Southwest Airlines asking me how my dinner was at Andre's? I didn't realize it was a part of their Dining Rewards Program. It's a pretty great way to earn free reward credits to a free flight. There are a handful of local places we regularly dine as well as a few places on the strip. There are restaurant listings nationwide so check out listings near you. It's really simple to earn credits, you just input your credit card number and anytime it's used, the balance charged goes to work to accumulate credits, it's roughly .25 credit for every $100 spent. I figure every bit helps! I might just eat my way to a free flight.

If you're not a rapid rewards member, there is a refer a friend program going until May 15, 2010. Drop me an email and I'll send a link.

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