April 23, 2010

Music 'n stuff

How about I share a bunch of randomness this Friday?

First, my favorite Italian deli has opened a second location... this one is close to home, it's actually a trattoria, but the deli will be coming soon. Can you say, dangerous? Thankfully, I've managed ok with an In-N-Out and Fuddruckers nearby, I should do ok, but you never know. This might just do me in. Anyway, you can read all about it in this week's article, Vegas Values: Bellissimo!

Second, our deposit for Al Cielo has been sent off to Mexico. Our December trip is offically booked. I cannot wait until I'm relaxing in the hammock with a cerveza listening to the ocean waves crash on the beach. I'm also looking forward to days spent in the water while letting the waves toss me about. Oh and the food. Yeah, I'm excited.

Third, I've been totally into this band, Dirty Heads. They are touring with Sublime with Rome. No Vegas dates, bummer. But there is a small show next month, we're going. I think they could blow up, I definitely want to see them before they do. I hate the ridiculous ticket prices for the big shows on the strip. I've skipped a number of shows because of sticker shock. So, this show will be a nice treat.

There are two other shows were toying with going to see, Steve Miller Band and Pepper. I can get tickets cheaper at the box offices than by phone or online. We might just get tickets for both shows.

Fourth, my mom is considering a move to Tennessee. She might be flying to Nashville soon to see what's available. I imagine it'll be a bit of a change, but she can afford more for less out there. She'd be closer to Mike and Amy. I could fly out and visit her, friends, and Bob in Louisville, KY. They'd all be fairly close.

Lastly, we went to Town Square last night to catch a movie, Hot Tub Time Machine. I thought it was terrible. Not sure how so many people loved it. To each their own. Beforehand, we had dinner at Bar Louie. We hadn't been there yet, figured we'd check it out.

We ordered a couple beers and turkey melt sliders to start. The bun was good, but the turkey was salty. I wasn't a fan.

Frank ordered the Angry Louie: sriracha, pepper jack and grilled jalapeno.

I had the Louie: grilled onions, provolone and giardiniera.

My burger was a bit better than Frank's. They were pretty good, but we were both left wishing we had went to Yard House instead. Now we know.

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