April 5, 2010

Whitesox vs. Rangers

Today was the White Sox home opener, we shut out Cleveland for a 6-0 victory. Buehrle is my boy. Now, that's how it's done! With any luck it's sets the tone for this season.

I'm hopeful as ever, but watching my boys in Spring Training had me wonder if they can pull it together for a winning season. There are several new names on the roster, it often takes time to find the stride to the playoffs.

Spring Training is so laid back it's hard to tell. Really it is unfair to pass judgement, so much is trial and error at that point. Plus, no one is playing their hearts out, injuries are too risky.

We were shut out by the Rangers pitching, but it was still an enjoyable game. It's always fun to be within arm's reach of the players. I love the intimacy of these games.

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