April 21, 2010

An evening at Monte Carlo

Saturday, I couldn't put off yard work any longer; I tackled the front yard. I cut the grass, pulled weeds and trimmed the palms and trees. I cleaned that all up and then raked pine needles and dead leaves from the side of the house and out of the flower beds. I was stiff later and my hammys, good grief, they ached for two days. I'm out of shape. That ought to teach me not to be a lazy slug - I gave up on exercising over the winter. I never even got to the backyard, the front was too much of a project. Time ran out, I had to clean up, shower and get ready for our night out.

We parked at Monte Carlo, first time using that CityCenter/Bellagio shared garage. It was nice. We grabbed the Frank Caliendo show tickets from the box office and then walked over to Andre's. We dined there before last year during Restaurant Week. This experience was just as delicious. Further details to come in a LLV article.

After dinner we planned to get drinks. We were given a coupon for 2-for-1 cocktails at Brand. We stopped in, but they didn't have anything special on tap. They specialize in cocktails. We passed. We tried the Pub, next, but there was no happy hour going on. We settled at the casino bar near the box office. They had Dos Equis on tap, we each put $5 into the slots to get the beers comped. Too bad we didn't have any luck on recouping our money. We passed time until the doors to the showroom opened.

We took our seats and waited for the Theater to fill. We teased hoping it'd be a larger audience than Dirty Minds. Before Frank Caliendo comes out there is an opening act and prior to that the live band kept us entertained while waiting for the show to begin. They were good, I'd pay a cover to watch them perform. The show was fun. Frank Caliendo has his impressions down.

After the show, we went to The Pub. They wanted us to pay $5 cover, no breaks for locals. Only for MGM/Mirage hotel guests. She told us to keep keys when friends' stay and then they turned us away, so we walked over to the hotel lobby and got blank room keys and went back. "We're hotel guests!", we said. She had a good laugh, and gave us our bands for entry. Pointless, really. It was happy hour so we were able to get 2-for-1 drinks. We had a few rounds and watched Zowie Bowie perform. Now that I know not to take them seriously the cheesefest is pretty amusing. At midnight they called a 15 min break. It was more like 40 minutes. We bailed when they took the stage. Happy hour ended at midnight. They only got us for one beer at regular price, $9 for Frank's Widmer. We closed out our tab and hit the restroom on our way out.

This is where I encountered what must be a regular occurrence, but it was the first I ever witnessed it. I'm in my stall and I hear. ARRRF! Come from the stall nearby. Then, I hear the automatic flush... swish... followed by... EWWW! Those flushes are powerful I know that can spray from a distance. I can't imagine what it'd be like while praying to the porcelain gods.

It was amusing and one instance were self flushing toilets wouldn't be preferred.


Tara said...

That's totally gay about getting into the Pub. You'd think with all the options these days everyone would just be letting people in, hoping you're gonna spend your money in their establishment.....

Lol, on the puker. That's awful. I've always kept it in mind that even in a hotel room in Vegas the toilets are trying to suck the clothes off of you when you flush. I'll be found puking in a bush or something if the need arises....

Kellee said...

The cover was so pointless, now we're set with keys if we ever want to go back.

I've seen people puke in bushes and trash cans. Now I know why, the toilets are evil. lol. Very happy I didn't learn that first hand. Much appreciation to pukebacksplash-chick in the stall nearby.