November 6, 2009


It is Friday. Already. This week flew by, which is pretty astonishing since my vacation begins at four o’clock today. This weekend will be spent with the family. My mom, Blaine and Mike drove in from Pahrump last night and they’ll be staying with us a couple nights. I’m not certain what is in store, but bingo was mentioned as was the Wrangler’s hockey game. Mike won two tickets a few weeks ago at Bite of Las Vegas. I’m looking forward to whatever we do, especially since Mike will be heading back to Chicago in less than two weeks. Whenever family and friends visit time flies and it’s a whirlwind.

This past weekend was no different. We had a great time with Jimmie and Kate. It was her first time here, she was in for a real treat since Jimmie surprised her with the trip; they stayed at the Signature, rented a Corvette, saw Crazy Horse, and did the Richard Petty Driving Experience. In their free time, they hung out with us at Ellis Island, Firefly, Hard Rock, and Seablue. Frank took them for a night run under the moonlit sky to give them a taste of off-roading; they also cruised thru Red Rock Canyon and did some hiking. I was stuck at work on Monday so I wasn’t able to join in the fun and enjoy the gorgeous November day. I was definitely jealous. They’re already talking of making a trip next year, I hope they do. It’d be good to see them again soon.

Last Friday before they got into town, Frank and I met up with old friends at Three Angry Wives. It is an Irish themed video poker bar and restaurant. We caught up over beers and then ordered dinner. Frank had the Rueben he thought it was pretty good. I went with the corned beef sandwich. It was decent, but I ran into some tough fatty pieces. That’s always a disappointment. Prices were reasonable. I wouldn’t go out of my way to return, but I wouldn’t mind going back.

After dinner, we all headed to Bailey’s Sports Bar (Rancho/Craig) for Amateur Comedy Open Mic Night. It happens the last Friday of the month. No cover, a pitcher of Widmer was $12.75. It was fun, some comedians were better than others; only two were really terrible. I imagine new talent performs each month.

We crammed a lot in last weekend; we had long days and particularly long nights. It was one heck of a weekend! It was also great because Frank had time off from work. I really appreciated all of our extra time together.

Thankfully, we get another dose next week. No work and all play!

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