November 24, 2009

The Castro & more eats - Day Five

After the bike ride we were famished. Another trip to Petite Deli was in order.

Seemed many others had the same idea. There was a line out the door when we arrived. This time, we tried the beef sandwich, as well as the Italian Hero. Also, Young got us started with scoops of her special (mustard) pasta and potato salads.

Both were wonderful. This was the first potato salad I enjoyed. Normally, it’s laced with mayo – I’ve never been a fan.

It took a bit for her to make our sandwiches because she was behind from the heavy lunch crowd. But, it was worth the wait.

We shared both sandwiches. The beef was really good, but the Italian Hero was my favorite. So, so, so delicious!

After lunch, we walked North Beach. I was in search of another bakery for dessert. First, we came upon Z Cioccolato, we weren’t able to resist the “sweetest spot in North Beach”. We bought chocolate pretzels and macadamia nut clusters that were just made the day before. We saved them for later – fantastic!

We continued on and stopped in Stella Pastry, for coffee and dessert. We had tiramisu and triple chocolate cake. Both were tasty and hit the spot, but I enjoyed Victoria Pastry Co. a bit more.

Bellies full, sweet tooth satisfied, it was time for a nap. Hours later, we were back on the streets ready for our next adventure. We took the F Streetcar to the Castro. I enjoyed seeing the city pass by on our way. We saw a few areas we hadn’t seen before.

Once at the Castro we walked up and down the street. The neighborhood is charming. I loved the homes, and that a number of the stores, restaurants and bars were named with double entendres. Such clever business owners!

We found this awesome Italian Cheese and wine shop, A.G. Ferrari Foods. Once again, I was in heaven. And, again, overwhelmed by all the choices. Frank asked for an aged Gouda. They carry one, it happens to be the only cheese they have that is not from Italy. They offer it, because it is that good. It is aged 18 months – during those 18 months, magic happens. This was the most wonderful Gouda that ever passed my lips. We bought a brick to snack on and take home.

We were beginning to get hungry so it was time to head back to the hotel to prepare for dinner at Scoma’s. I checked for reservations, but no luck. When we arrived at the restaurant it was pretty clear reservations would’ve been a good idea. We were told the wait was likely 45 minutes. It was after 8 o’clock so I figured it’d go faster since many would be wrapping up their meals. We grabbed a drink at the bar, the cheapest drafts around, much to our surprise. Then, sure enough, a table opened sooner than anticipated.

There were so many delicious options it was difficult to choose what to order. Eventually, Frank settled on selections from the prix-fixe menu: crab cakes, colossal prawn linguini, and tiramisu and sourdough bread pudding. I ordered the butternut squash soup with Dungeness crab offered that day, and red snapper from the menu.

The crab cakes and soup were both excellent. I'd love to be noshing on either, right now.

No complaints over either entrĂ©es, both were great. The pesto for the linguini was bold and delicious. The prawns were tender. The snapper was flaky and moist. I ended up dressing my pasta with Frank’s leftover pesto. Yum!

We finished with dessert. The duo was also very good.

When we finished up dinner, we returned to the hotel. Another day done. Tomorrow, we head home.

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