November 23, 2009

Bears vs 49ers - Day Four

We took the bus to Candlestick Park. At first, we planned to follow directions I got on, but then we spotted a bunch of Bears fans outside the hotel; we decided to follow them. Good thing, they led us to the express bus. made no mention of the express bus, evidently it’s not update to include special routes for game days. Anyhow, the ride couldn’t have been easier. We only had to pay $5 each for the bus transfer since we already had the Muni pass. The bus was packed with Bears fans, it wasn’t until the last stop a couple 49ers fans joined us. It was all good fun talking smack and whatnot.

The stadium is right by the bay, it windy and chilly.

We got into the park and found our seats, practically the last seats in the stadium we were only a couple rows from the top.

This was my first football game, I was initially surprised by the size of the football field it seems much larger on TV. We watched the warm-ups and then, Niner Noise made an appearance as did the cheerleaders, the 49ers were announced, and then there was a lovely tribute and Star-Spangled Banner was sung.

Next, the coin-toss then the game was on. The first half flew by despite no major plays being made. Crowds were in good spirits. Lots of razzing and cheering! 49er fans are much more passionate about their team, than Angel fans in Anaheim. That was good to see.

During half-time Chris Isaak sang a few songs while the troops watched on.

Then, it was back to the game.

It was pretty dreadful. Both teams played like amateurs, Cutler made 5 interceptions. Seriously, it was sloppy football. As it turned out the 49ers simply sucked less than we did. They were victorious. Still, it wasn’t a game to be proud over. I’m glad we went. It was fun, but I’d like to go to another game. Perhaps, one that will be more of what you’d expect from the NFL?

Getting back to the hotel was a breeze once we found our bus. We took it to the end of the line, and walked the last few blocks. We contemplated stopping somewhere for a bite, but we were both in the mood for a snack so we decided to simply polish off the leftover Ferry Building treats that were chilling in the fridge. Once we curbed our hunger, we were out. Another long day behind us.

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