November 20, 2009

Coit Tower - Day Four

Thursday, we started the day with a visit to Coit Tower. We took the bus to Sansome St. and got off when we saw the signs for the stairs to Coit Tower. We climbed the first set no problem, the second were steep as can be, the next few sets weren’t much easier. We took a few breaks to admire the view and ponder the street sign and fire hydrant we spotted half-way up the mountain. Pretty flowers hung from the trees.

This was the view at one of the breaks in the stairs.

The nearby building had this interesting artwork.

View of the Bay Bridge from the next break.

Homes were really close together here, see?

Finally we spotted Coit Tower, we were close.

But there were more stairs to climb.

We arrived, at last!

The parking lot, it also serves as a bus stop. Too bad I didn’t realize we could take the bus straight there. We needed the exercise, though.

We went to the gift shop and purchased tickets to the top ($5/ea). Then, we took the original elevator to the top. That was a thrill. Next, we just enjoyed the amazing view!

We came back down, I took one last photo...

as a bus pulled up, we hopped right on. We didn't care where it was headed we just didn't want to walk down all those stairs we came up.

We wound around and around, we were left with no sense of direction. We figured we'd stay on until something looked interesting or we came across Columbus Ave. There was a deli I wanted to try.

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