November 18, 2009

Wharf & Bay Cruise - Day Two

After a quick bus ride we were back near the Wharf. It was the warmest day forecasted all week so we decided it’d be the best day to do a Bay Cruise. The Red and White fleet had tours for $22/person. While walking over there, a couple was offering a tour on their fishing boat at one o’clock for $15/person, we opted to go that route we put our name on the list and killed time at the Antique Arcade and passed by nearby vendors at the Wharf.

There were dozens of creepy animated puppets. Some made no sound, others like these, just laughed and laughed. It could only be creepier if they were clowns.

I got a kick out of the old-time porn, we sure have come along way…

We killed enough time, we were able to board the boat. We walked down the ladder off the pier unto the boat and took a seat up front. For the longest time it seemed we have the bow to ourselves, but no such luck. A couple joined us. No problem, only about 15 people can ride so it can’t possibly get too crowded.

The boat we were on was much like these.

Once everyone boarded we were on our way. Scoma’s is at the end of the Pier, we ate there later in the week.

Crab season opened on Saturday, our last day – unfortunately. Here you can see all the crab traps piled up. Boats were loaded with them on Friday evening.

Jeremiah O’Brien is docked at Pier 45, it’s one of two of the last Liberty Ships built and launched during World War II.

Out on the Bay…

Once we got near the bridge everyone from the back of the boat migrated up near us. Two solo photographers, a couple kids and a group of guys that were reliving their frat boy days – they were awfully annoying, they got wasted pounding back a case of Bud Light. Between them, and the rocking from the waves it was tough to get decent shots.

I thought it was neat to spot this plane above the bridge considering we were in boat. Planes, boats, and automobiles… doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Lastly Alcatraz…

Then it was back to dock, we spotted seals napping along the way.

The cruise would have been perfect if it weren’t for the drunk frat boys. I liked going out in the smaller boat, they shared brief details with us along the way and provided blankets.

Next, we were off to the Hyde Street Cable Car.

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