November 20, 2009

Union Square, Chinatown, Boudin Bakery - Day Three

From Lombard Street we rode down to Union Square, we hopped on the Bart. We thought we get off at the Balboa Park stop and walk or take the bus to Golden Gate Park. But when we got off, we were all turned around, the neighborhood didn’t seem too friendly – we were a bit bewildered. We hopped on the first bus we saw. We rode for over an hour. Passing through neighborhood after neighborhood, never saw anything worth seeing, although we did pass Cow Palace which is an indoor event venue. At one point I asked Frank where he thought we were headed and he reminded me of the quote we loved on the wall at the World Market next to the hotel.

We eventually ended up on the expressway and building once again looked familiar. We exited the bus near Union Square. We stopped in a Big & Tall store, but walked out empty handed. We walked around a bit, I liked the area even less than the first time we visited it. It feels like you’re stuck in the Forum Shops during a busy holiday.

We walked a couple blocks to avoid the Cable Car lines and caught one in route. We exited the Cable Car in Chinatown. We walked around, checking out the sights, stores and bakeries.

We eventually wound up at Four Seas Cantonese Restaurant. We ordered spring rolls to start – crisp and flavorful.

Then, we shared 1/4 Peking duck and shrimp fried rice. The duck was tender and had delicious crispy skin, the rice wasn’t what we usually seek - it had the creepy shrimpy shrimp I don’t care much for, but it was very good. It had a nice oniony flavor.

Afterwards, we were on the hunt for a bakery with Almond Cookies. It didn’t take long to find one, we got a package to go. We enjoyed them later in the hotel room.

We waited at a Trolley Stop, but none came. A bus showed up and informed us the Cable Car stopped running. We soon found out why, it had broken down on the street – not far from the hotel.

We rested in the room for a few hours. We weren’t terrible hungry so we figured a large meal would be a waste. Instead, we walked over to the Wharf. How could I come to San Francisco and not indulge in the San Francisco treat? No, not Rice-A-Roni. I’m talking about Clam Chower in a bread bowl at Boudin Bakery. Frank ordered the Rustic Tomato soup. It was for the best since he didn’t much care for my Clam Chowder. What I never understood was why New England Clam Chowder is so highly popular in San Francisco, any idea?

Next we walked down to a bar we spotted earlier in the trip that touted 85 beers, and 84 cold ones. We each ordered a draft, I think the tab was $16. And it wasn’t that cold. None of the bars had chilled glasses. I really like my draft in a chilled glass.

It was there, we agreed we both missed home, despite having a great time. Instead of ordering another round we stopped at the liquor store and bought a six pack to take back to the room.

We crashed fairly early it was another long day.

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