November 24, 2009

Pacific Coast - Day Six

Saturday, we got a slow start to the day. I packed everything up; amazingly I was able to get it all back into our two small carryon suitcases. I even had room leftover to bring home breads, cheese, and sausage.

We went back to the Ferry Building for one last stop for yummy treats, plus I wanted to see the Farmer’s Market.

I would love it if Vegas offered something similar. Maybe one day our small farmer's markets will grow, and offer something special?

We popped inside for final stops at Acme and Boccalone. We went back to the room and indulged in one last snack fest.

Noon rolled around, it was time to check out. We waited for my friend Mary (she's lived in the bay area her whole life) outside once she called to say she was a few minutes away. After a quick greeting we were on our way.

First stop was the Haight. We took a quick cruise through the neighborhood. A few sights along the way…

Then, Mary took us to see the Pacific Coast. We stopped to see the Sutro Bath Ruins. The complex originally opened in 1896, it was built by former San Francisco mayor Adolph Sutro. In 1966, a fire destroyed the facility while it was in the process of being demolished. It was then abandoned and only the ruins remained. It is now part of the Golden Gate Recreation Area.

Ruins and Seal Rock

The cypress trees were beautiful

We walked a short distance on Lands End Trail to enjoy the spectacular view.

Then, we hopped back in the car and Mary showed us more of the coast.

After what seemed like miles of beach, we headed into Pacifica. A beautiful coastal city!

We crossed Devils Slide safely and then continued on our way to Pescadero; we passed a number of beaches, as well as, artichoke and other farms.

Soon, we arrived at Duarte’s Tavern. It’s history dates back to 1894, but the family has been serving up local specialties since the 1950’s. They’re famous for their fresh catches of the day, pies and artichoke soup. Veterans know the half and half soup – cream of artichoke and green chili - is the way to go. The soup was something special, absolutely delicious!

After an order of soup, all around, we each ordered dover sole. Frank and Mary had the sandwich and I had the entrée.

A meal at Duarte’s Tavern can’t be complete without pie. Frank had the pumpkin and I had to try Olallieberry since I had never before heard of such a thing. If it’s a new one for you, too, let me explain. Olallieberry is a cross between a loganberry and the young berry. Still confused? Yeah, I was too. I then learned that it is a blackberry, and another berry, such as a raspberry or dewberry.

The pies were great! The waitress offered to serve the Olallieberry pie ala mode, but I declined, I was much too full. However, I think ice cream would’ve been a perfect accompaniment.

Next, we walked down to Norm’s Market for fresh baked bread. They’re known for Artichoke bread. I felt a fresh loaf, it was warm, soft, yet crusty. I had to bring some home. We already had loaves from Boudin and Acme, so I opted for half-baked varieties. I figured they’d last longer that way, and they did. We brought home Artichoke Herb and Jalapeno Cheddar.

Then, it was back to the car. It was time to head to San Jose via La Honda. Mary took us on fun windy roads through the mountains which were covered in beautiful forests.. We truly enjoyed the scenery. The fall leaves and redwoods were just lovely.

Before I knew it, our visit had come to an end, we were at San Jose airport. We thanked Mary for showing us the sights. It was truly wonderful spending the afternoon with her. Plus, we wouldn’t have seen the coast otherwise. And it’d be a shame to miss it.

San Jose airport is small, it was a breeze – we were boarded and on our way back home in no time.

It was a wonderful vacation.


Dave P. said...

Kellee - Thanks for the trip reports. It sounds like a great time. Nice pictures. Great eats. Good weather. Makes me want to spend some time in San Fran. Just don't know about biking with all those hills :-)

Welcome home!

Kellee said...

Thank you! San Francisco is a special city. Every one should pay it a visit at some point.

Biking was fun, as long as you stay near the bay the hills are manageable. There are only a few biggies.

We really lucked out with the nice weather. I expected dreary skies and cooler temps. I've heard October and November are the best times to visit. It worked out well.

Dave P. said...

I've only been to San Francisco one time. It was actually a trip to Oakland to visit relatives, and we didn't have much of a chance to explore the city.

I did get out to Fisherman's Wharf once, and had my first dim sum ever in San Fran's Chinatown. It's a great food city that needs more visiting on my part.