November 19, 2009

Lombard "Crooked St" - Day Three

Once we were finally stirring after our glorious lunch we walked down to the Cable Cars. The stop is right across from the famed Gary Danko.

I wanted to try Restaurant Gary Danko since none of his restaurants are in Vegas, of course tabs come with a hefty price tag; so, we bet on the football games the Sunday before our trip. If we won, dinner was on. Needless to say, we lost – overs went under. GD, will have to wait.

Onto the Cable Car.

We rode the Cable Car for a couple blocks, just until we reached Lombard Street. I wanted to get photos now that it was daylight.

Quite a difference from night, here's the view towards Coit Tower with the Bay bridge.

Prior to this trip it never occurred to me that people live on this street. I surely wouldn’t want to, the curves are tricky enough, but the crowds and gawkers – like myself - would grow tiresome, I’m sure.

We walked down and then back up to catch another ride on the Cable Car.

Next up, Union Square.

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