Lombard "Crooked St" - Day Three

November 19, 2009
Once we were finally stirring after our glorious lunch we walked down to the Cable Cars. The stop is right across from the famed Gary Danko.

I wanted to try Restaurant Gary Danko since none of his restaurants are in Vegas, of course tabs come with a hefty price tag; so, we bet on the football games the Sunday before our trip. If we won, dinner was on. Needless to say, we lost – overs went under. GD, will have to wait.

Onto the Cable Car.

We rode the Cable Car for a couple blocks, just until we reached Lombard Street. I wanted to get photos now that it was daylight.

Quite a difference from night, here's the view towards Coit Tower with the Bay bridge.

Prior to this trip it never occurred to me that people live on this street. I surely wouldn’t want to, the curves are tricky enough, but the crowds and gawkers – like myself - would grow tiresome, I’m sure.

We walked down and then back up to catch another ride on the Cable Car.

Next up, Union Square.


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