November 30, 2009

Has it really come and gone?

Thanksgiving is over. It's hard to believe. It's even harder to believe I had four days off. I kept so busy it didn't even feel like a single day off.

This year is going so quickly, it's almost over. Yet, in my mind, I'm thinking it's October. But, nope, tomorrow is December 1st.

Thursday was filled with cooking and cleaning. We took time out to enjoy a great meal. I'm so pleased everything turned out this year. I was nervous trying two new recipes, but both were a success. My sausage stuffing was delicious. Such a relief, since last year's was a disaster (when I gave the crockpot a go, since oven space was limited). I was thrilled I nailed it. It's my favorite part of Thanksgiving, for many years it was the only thing I ate. The turkey roasted beautifully, Frank said it was one of the tastiest he's had in years. Mom thought it was a delicious meal, too.

Friday was filled with shopping and baking. Mom and I were up at 3:30 to hit the stores. We picked up lots of good stuff at great prices. We shopped at Sears, Walmart, Target, Bass Pro Shops, and Lowes. We made it back home by 7:30. After a nap, we headed out again and hit Big Lots and Bath and Body Works. Once, we got back home I baked diabetic friendly chocolate chip cookies. They were a bit dry and cakey, if I'm being nitpicky, but mom loved them. Frank and I found they were a great cookie for milk dunking. They were especially great the second day.

During the Black Friday sales I bought a 6.5 foot Christmas Tree. We've never had a full size tree. This meant, I had to shop for decorations. That took up much of my day on Saturday, I got some Christmas shopping done, too. And, I cleaned house and did laundry.

Sunday, I decorated the tree, and returned all the ornaments I bought on Saturday that I decided not to use. I also decorated the house. It's looking a lot like Christmas...

I've been meaning to make a dropoff to Goodwill for a few weeks now. Finally, yesterday afternoon I did it. It freed up quite a bit of space in the garage. Nice to be rid of that clutter. Hope it will do someone else well. We haven't been able to use the hot tub because the pool needs to be drained. Frank will take care of that tomorrow. Yesterday, I resorted to a soak in the masterbath tub because my body was so tired and achy from so many days of go-go-go. It was the first time I've used the tub. I prefer a soak in the hot tub, but it was quite nice to relax with a magazine.

This morning I had a check up with the ENT doctor. After another scope, it appears my sinuses have improved, the tissue is healing. The allergy shots are working. There was some swelling, but I expected that since I've been suffering from allergies since we got back from San Francisco. I'll continue with my shots and see how I am in four months. It felt good to know this has all been worthwhile. Sometimes, I wonder, especially when I'm feeling miserable fighting off symptoms, but I have not had a sinus infection since spring. That's quite a feat for me. Usually in September, fall takes me down.

After the appointment it was back to work. It's only Monday. But, I'm already asking is it Friday, yet?

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