November 18, 2009

Cable Cars, Telegraph Hill - Day Two

We walked over to the Cable Cars to go for a ride. There was nowhere in particular we were headed, just wherever the trolley was headed.

We got a kick out of the turntables – wild how manual these are to operate.

We boarded and were ready for the ride… the following were taken along the way to Chinatown.

We got off in Chinatown and had a brief look around before catching another cable car back to the Wharf. Then, we stopped at the hotel to rest up a bit before dinner.

We chose Fog City Diner for dinner. I was reading the guidebook in the hotel room and it mention their gouda mac with black forest ham. We just had to try it.

After a quick ride on the bus we were there. It looks like a diner, but the menu isn’t what you’d expect. Everything has a bit of a foodie-twist. To begin, the iced tea is a citrus ginseng blend. It was very refreshing.

Then we had the bread trio: jalapeno cornbread – weakest, cheddar biscuit – light and fluffy, and garlic and leek sourdough – delicious.

Frank had the Chicken Schnitzel with lemon caper butter, broccolini and mashed potatoes. It was pretty good; it reminded me of a parmesan chicken dish we get at BJ’s Brewhouse.

I had the mac and gouda, and an order of crab cakes. Both were excellent, but I really enjoyed the crab cakes. They were a bit spicy, meaty and lightly breaded.

We had a great meal. We were stuffed when we left Fog City Diner. From there were walked around Telegraph Hill, eventually ending up at the Cable Cars. We took a ride to Union Square. We walked around a bit. The crowds were heavy, shopping isn’t my thing so I was less than thrilled with the area. After a look around we headed back on another Cable Car. This time we got off at Lombard Street to have a look at the “Crooked Street”.

Hard to see much in the dark, but you can spot Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge in the distance. We walked down Lombard, it was the steepest street we encountered so far. Our legs really felt it. We continued on, hopped on another Cable Car and stopped at bar named Da Lucca, I think. It said Bears fans were welcome, that’s all it took to sell us. We ordered two draft pints at $14 we’re not in Vegas anymore – we’re spoiled by local bars such as PT’s. After our beer, we headed back to the hotel. It was a long day.

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