November 17, 2009

San Francisco - Day One

The Flight to San Jose was quick; it was a breeze getting to the Caltrain Station. Time passed quickly, I read most of Bastard Husband: A Love Story while traveling - great read, by the way. Once in San Francisco we hopped on the bus to get to our hotel, The Tuscan Inn. We had been up since 4:30am, so by the time we made it to the room we were exhausted and starved - it was around 11 o'clock.

We walked a couple blocks for Freddie’s Sandwiches. We had the club on sourdough and wheat. The wheat was the better of the two. The other gave my jaw a work out – it was the chewiest sourdough I ever came across. The sandwich shop has been around since 1926, it has an old feel. They offer a huge selection of pop and beverages. Hundreds of varieties cover the walls.

No longer hungry, we just needed sleep. We napped, and lounged a bit. Eventually, we walked over to the Wharf and chose to dine at Cioppino. How could I dine at a place called Cioppino and not try their signature dish? Never having tried it before, I figured what better time? I loved the crab and snapper, the clams were also tasty. The mussels, shrimp and calamari could have been better. Each got chewy as they cooked in the broth. Frank had Shrimp Scampi. It was delicious. The shrimp were tender and perfectly sweet.

After dinner we walked up the Wharf and along the Bay up to Ghirardelli Square. We stopped in for sundaes. Frank had the peanut butter, and I had the intense dark chocolate with coffee ice cream. Both were out of this world!

We wandered a bit before turning in… we looked forward to the adventures ahead.


Christine said...

had a feeling you guys would end up at Ghirardelli at some point! loving the food porn.

Kellee said...

It didn't take long for us to seek it out. Surprisingly, we only went once. If there wasn't one in Vegas we surely would've went back... a few times.

Christine said...

i just got back from walmart where i bought some Ghirardelli peppermint bark - oh my god, so good.

the photo quality and perspectives are really good, especially with the street and bridge photos.

Kellee said...

Ghirardelli has really good stuff. I prefer their chocolate over some of the more expensive ones.

Thanks! I've pretty happy with my Canon D10. Not too shabby for a rugged/waterproof camera.