November 17, 2009

The Mission - Day Two

We were up bright and early Tuesday. Our first stop was Walgreens to buy 3-day Muni passes ($18ea) so we could ride the busses, cable and street cars all we wanted. Next stop was coffee at Starbucks – fortunately for us, they were next door to each other. Then, we were off to the bus stop. We were headed to the Montgomery Bart Station, and then we took Bart to 24th and Mission. It was a breeze.

Once in the Mission District, Dynamo Donuts was our destination. It was several blocks from the Bart station, we could have taken the bus, but it was considerably warmer there – we opted to enjoy the weather, and take in the sights of the neighborhood. Large murals covering sides of buildings could be spotted at nearly every corner.

Many homes were brightly painted with amazing detail, I loved this one.

We passed dozens of Taquería’s – some touted tacos and others tamales. Few were open since it was early otherwise it might have been tough to simply pass by. Dynamo Donuts is a walk up donut and coffee shop there are a few tables inside. They are known for their Maple Glazed Bacon Apple donuts. We got two of those, and we also tried Lemon Pistachio – my favorite, Spiced Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and a Cinnamon Stick Bun. I thought the bacon and bacon fat maple glaze might make these donuts savory, but nope, they were sweet. Just like you’d expect a donut to be. We had hoped for something different. We were a bit disappointed.

We walked the streets and passed time until La Taqueria opened. It boasts “The best tacos and burritos in the world”, I can’t say that is true but they were Muy Bueno! I had a carnitas taco and Frank chose the carne asada burrito. Both are served with beans and salsa. We also ordered a side of chips and salsa. The salsa and green sauce were fantastic.

We filled our bellies and got a feel for the oldest neighborhood in San Francisco, it was time to head back downtown, an easy trip via the Bart.


Dave P. said...

Sounds like a great trip so far. Great food pictures. I checked out the Dynamo Donuts site. They've got some really interesting varieties there. Certainly not Dunkin Donuts.

Anxiously awaiting more food pictures....

Kellee said...

They do have a bunch of unusual choices, but they don't have them all each day. Some go early, others are made on certain days. If there is something you really want to try, you need to place an order beforehand. Only the bacon donut is available daily.