November 17, 2009

Downtown - Day Two

Downtown San Francisco reminded me of Chicago, the tall buildings, architectural detail, and bustling streets – I love that big city feel.

The Transamerica Pyramid is the tallest building in the San Francisco skyline. At 853 ft, suddenly it didn’t seem so big despite it towering above us. Especially when Las Vegas has The Palazzo topping out at 642 ft, Fontainebleau at 735 ft or the Stratosphere Tower at 1,149 ft. However, it is still an impressive sight.

Redwoods in Redwoods Park, around the corner from the Transamerica Pyramid. Neat to see.

The flower stands were welcomed bright spots in the concrete jungle.

We enjoyed our look around, it was time to head to the Wharf.

Waiting near the bus stop.

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