October 18, 2010

Let's talk TV

We're pretty well into the fall season by now aren't we? I was behind, family time comes first. While, Amy and Nicky were visiting, I completely spaced on the majority of the new premieres. I only took on show this season, Boardwalk Empire. As far as the others go, I'll see what sticks and I'll catch re-runs or check them out online.

Last I chatted about television Rescue Me, Entourage, Mad Men, Penn & Teller: Bullshit and Weeds were set to premiere. All but Weeds have since wrapped up. Well, I believe, anyway. I gave up on Weeds. It jumped the shark last season, and this season it became too painful to continue to watch. Rescue Me was the pits. They should've called it quits while on a high-note. Too late for that. Entourage was also a joke. Bullshit was enlightning and entertaining per usual.

Mad Men just had their finale last night. I wasn't a fan of Season 3, but I hung in there and I'm happy I did. I've enjoyed this season. The finale had some predictions and a big surprise. An aspect is too soap opera for my liking, but still I'm interested to see where the next season takes the gang at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Louie premiered on FX. I loved it. Aside from Breaking Bad it's the show I'm missing most right now. The Big C has also premiered on Showtime. It's still airing episodes, I'm liking it. Although, it seems like it'll have a short life span.

Dexter recently started back up, so far I've been unimpressed. To be expected after such a great season. I still have moments where I'm stunned over that finale.

Boardwalk Empire has not disappointed. With Scorsese, what's not to love? I'm interested to see what else develops. Although, I gotta admit seeing Steve Buscemi seduce women is awkard. Even his power position as Nucky Thompson doesn't sell it.

So, what are you watching?


Christine said...

we're enjoying Boardwalk too. i told my parents all about it and ended up buying them the book that inspired the show because they don't get hbo. but yeah, Buscemi is awkward as a ladies man.

i'm enjoying Dexter so far, but watching in online with bad quality leaves something to be desired.

i didn't pick up many new shows this year after so many got the ax last year. i'm watching The Event but they better get somewhere with the story before i get bored with waiting for the event to be revealed. a replacement for LOST, it is not.

Kellee said...

It's interesting to see some of the original mob guys portrayed as youngsters just getting their start.

Parts of Dexter feel like been there, saw that... and the Angel Maria drama is getting old.

I've heard that The Event hasn't lived up to the hype.