January 29, 2010

Two Gems

This week and last week's LLV articles were about two great finds.

First, Glazier's is an independent grocery store that is a blend of your traditional grocier and Whole Foods. I'm like a kid in the candy store in that place. There is currently one location on the SW part of town, but a second is coming to Henderson. Check out my article for more details, Vegas Values: Glazier's Food Marketplace.

Second, is Raku. I briefly mentioned it before. We sought it out right before Bob visited. He lived in Japan for a while teaching so we always check out a Japanese restaurant while he's here. He exposes us to stuff we might not try otherwise and he gets to sample familiar treats. Raku has gotten a lot of attention in the foodie world. It keeps late hours to accomodate strip chefs, Paul Bartolotta and Kerry Simon are known as regulars. For the full scoop, see Vegas Values: Raku Aims to Please.

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