January 14, 2010

Let's talk travel

Frank and I didn’t have the funds to go to Mexico in December like we had hoped. We figured we’d shoot for a trip in February. Weather is still cool here, then, and it’s the next time Frank would be able to take time off. December I earned a bonus that would cover the cost of the trip, we just had to wait until Super Bowl was done and then we were free to go. So we thought… turns out Frank will be picking up added responsibilities at work and the transition will take place in February. Mexico has been pushed off again, but we are going in December. Period. The funds have been placed in a separate savings account so we’ll be set when the time comes.

Since that trip was off, I decided I’d visit family in Chicago. My favorite boy kills me with his constant requests for me to come over and play. My mom just spent three weeks there and I was jealous of their tales of playing games and things. Here’s a photo my mom took of Nicky being a sneaky creeper by eating ice cream under the table.

I miss that boy so much!

I get President’s day off, I planned on going over a long weekend. A ding! fare sealed the deal, before I booked I called my sister and asked if I could come play with her son? She was game. But my mom jumped in saying I didn’t want to go there, “it’s too damn cold”. She offered to pay one of their ways to come visit us, if I did. That sounded fair to me, and that way Frank would get to see them, too. I gave Amy the choice, and she chose to come visit us. Rather than booking my own flight, I booked theirs. They are set to come on February 27. I cannot wait!

In March we’re going to Phoenix for Spring Training, we already have tickets for two games the weekend after my birthday. We’ll be staying with our friend, Shane, I imagine some drinking and shooting will take place, as well. Not at the same time, however.

July, we are planning to visit Vancouver. We’re toying with taking a longer vacation and visiting Victoria and/or Seattle. Once we get that settled, I’ll nail down the dates and book the flights. End of July I might make it back to Chicago if the flights are priced right. My cousin is getting married, plus I’m sure I’ll be missing my favorite boy by then, too.

September, my dad is getting laid off from his job of 30+ years. He’s planning a road trip out west. My sister plans to join him, she turns 21 in August, she’s anxious to experience the other side of Las Vegas. If my brother is not living here by then, I’m sure he’ll join them for the ride. It will be great to see everyone; this would be my dad’s second visit since I’ve moved. He came out once before for our wedding. I’d like to show him our home and give him a guided tour on how we fill our free time. I really think he’ll enjoy the desert.

At the end of September, the White Sox will be in Anaheim. We always try to catch a series, and this one will be no different. However, football will likely interfere with those plans. We might only see our boys in Spring Training this year.

We have dozens of other shorter weekend trips planned throughout the year. Frank says this will be the year of micro-vacations, he has every intent to make us weekend warriors.

We want to camp at Death Valley near the Racetrack.

Visit Moab, Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah.

See the Grand Canyon, can you believe we haven’t seen it yet?

We’ve also talked about seeing more of Nevada, areas such as Caliente, Ely and Elko.

Then, of course, we’ll have periodic staycations. The first is booked in March. We’ve reserved a Lakeview-room at Bellagio. I’ve always wanted to experience the fountains from that vantage point; I can’t wait to actually do it.

I have no doubt we’ll also get the hankering for bread so I’m certain a weekend in San Diego will also happen at some point.

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