January 11, 2010

Mad about Eggplant

Move over asparagus and brussels sprouts, I now have a new favorite vegetable, although, it's more of a fruit, isn't it? Either way, I love eggplant. I don't think I had ever tried it prior to a couple years ago when a friend shared his recipe for eggplant parmesan. That was my first and last time buying a whole eggplant from the store. It's not that it was bad, because it was quite tasty, it was simply time consuming.

We found that ordering sandwiches at Siena Deli or sampling eggplant dishes from dozens of other restaurants was far easier. I have no problem letting someone else to the work especially when it produces a tastier product that what I'm able to create.

A few months ago, Frank discovered Rocco's NY Italian Deli (buffalo/charleston). We've tried their Sicilian pizza and eggplant sandwich and didn't care much for either. However, Frank buys the makings for eggplant parm and it is fantastic when we put it together at home.

He buys enough for two meals, with the leftovers I make eggplant lasagna. I do not miss the meat one bit.

Last week, I had eggplant eight different times. Crazy? Yeah, I told you I was mad about eggplant.

Even at the Yard House, I ordered a dish with eggplant. It was delicious! It is Angel Hair Pasta on their menu. The ingredients are straight-forward: roma tomatoes, roasted eggplant, garlic, basil, pine nuts, feta, parmesan cheese and olive oil. I want to try to duplicate it at home. A friend also shared a Rachel Ray recipe with me for ratatouille. So, I'll be buying eggplant from the store and giving it another go at home.

Got a favorite eggplant recipe? Let's have it.


Unknown said...

Ewwww, yuck! I've grown a few different varieties over the years, because it's SOOOOO gorgeous growing in the garden, but I do not like the taste & texture. Small or large, blech. I have lots and lots of recipes around though, if you're looking for new or healthier ways to eat it.

Kellee said...

Haha! Well, I'll consume enough for the both of us. I'm definitely interested, shoot any over to me as you come across them. Thanks!