January 28, 2010

17 years changes things

Saturday, I went to the library. It's been about seventeen years since I've done that. They've changed quite a bit, imagine that? Technology has done wonderful things for the experience.

No more card catalogues to search through to find the title or author you're seeking. All I had to do was walk up to the computer do a search and voila it shared it's location or let me know it wasn't available.

Too bad what I was in search of wasn't there. I'll have to make a request. Normally, I purchase books on Amazon. The prices are great, but I figure if I can save some cash or at least put it towards other things, like food, I should.

The library wasn't a lost cause. After walking through the aisles I found two books that piqued my interest. I completed the library card application online so when I was ready to go, I stopped at the information desk. After showing my ID, my very own library card was printed. The kind gentlemen informed me 50 items could be check out at any given time.

50 items? Wow. Suddenly I felt inadequate with my measly two selections. Still, I walked over to the self checkout. There's no longer a need for date stamped cards, now you place your selections on the space indicated and then a receipt with your due date is printed. Easy enough.

They have a wide variety of books, magazines, cds, dvds, and audio books. I'll have to give the others a look next time. It's unlikely that'll be another seventeen years.

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