January 20, 2010

Fog and dew, oh my!

It was a strange sight seeing dew this morning. Then, as I neared the strip the scene got even more bizarre. We had fog!

You can make out the Orleans a little bit, here, but where is the strip?

Driving past the Orleans, where did Mandalay Bay and THEhotel go?

Finally, near Arville, the fog began to clear and the strip became visable.

When I got to work, I noticed that I could see my breath when walking from the car into the office. I don't remember the last time I saw fog, dew or my breath. Odd start to the day.

The rain has taken a break, but more is on the way. Thank goodness! For a roofing company it's like pennies from heaven. I've been with my company 6.5 years, we've never needed rain more than we do right now. Timing is ideal for El Nino storms. As much as I love my sunshine, bring on the rain! Steady heavy rains are preferred.

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