January 5, 2010

Our White Christmas

Forgive me while I play catch up. There was quite a bit I intended to share in December that never got posted due to my sickliness.

Anyway, at some point, I'm sure I mentioned that Frank and I were alone for Christmas. So, we took advantage of the opportunity and booked the Signature.

We had another wonderful stay and it remains my favorite place to play. You can read all about it in my LLV article, Vegas Values: How Suite It Is.

But what you won't find there is the tale of our White Christmas. Yes, we had a White Christmas in the desert. See? So what if it was in the tub.

Yes, his feet are that much bigger than my head. You love my antlers, though, don't you?

After our silliness a snowball fight ensued.

It might have been an untraditional Christmas, but it was filled with good times. Isn't that what the holidays are about anyway?

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