January 18, 2010


It's damp and dreary outside. It looks like it'll remain that way all week. The sun isn't due to make an appearance until Saturday. I can't imagine what my mood will be like mid-week. I need my sunshine. Majority of the rainfall was anticipated for this afternoon and into tomorrow, but it's only drizzled so far. If it's going to rain I want a down pour, I want lightning, give me a real storm. Work is so slow, I hope the sky really opens up, we could really use leaky roof service calls.

Weekend was quiet just as I had expected. Mainly cleaned house, organized closets and grocery shopped. What can I say? I'm a rock star. Fantasy Playoffs sucked this weekend so that was a big letdown. Highlight of yesterday was finding Redhook Slim Chance in bottles at Lee's Discount Liquors. It's my go-to beer at Yard House, I love it on tap. I'd love to get the same taste at home. Since the weather is crummy beer and hot tub time seems unlikely. I may just have to crack one open just because...

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