January 4, 2010

Bring it!

Happy 2010 everyone!

It’s sure is tough getting back into groove after being away for so long. I might have only missed a few days work, but the last month has been a blur. I feel like I’ve been away much longer.

Fortunately, I began the New Year much healthier than I ended 2009. I feel like I’m now among the living. Still can’t seem to get sleeping nailed down, but I’m hopeful to depart from newborn-like wakings and return to normal routines soon.

2009 sure was interesting, but I must admit entertainment was pretty good. There were a few good movies, particularly, Inglorious Bastards, 500 Days of Summer and The Hangover. TV reached new highs with Breaking Bad, Dexter and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Breaking Bad serves up extremely great writing and acting, it’s quickly become my favorite show. I cannot wait until the start of the third season. March cannot come quick enough.

Speaking of March, I’m also looking forward to the return of United States of Tara. It was a newcomer in 2009, but it rapidly earned my appreciation. I hope the second season keeps similar pace.

Dexter came back stronger than ever in its fourth season. I was skeptical of the family-man role and adding a baby to the mix, but I had great ride with the cat and mouse game. The season finale shocked me. Not often am I misled, but they got me. It is weeks later and I’m still thinking about it.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been my favorite comedy for years. We had a long wait for the seventh season, but it was worth the wait. Not so much for the "Seinfeld Reunion" despite enjoying the storyline, but Vehicular Fellatio was the funniest 30 minutes of television I have seen. Classic.

Let’s hope this year brings even better movies and more entertaining television.


Christine said...

about Dexter - OH MY GOD! didn't see that coming either. the season finale always ends so nice and Dex wraps up all the bad stuff. they so got us this time. and Ask Ausiello mentioned a few months ago that next season Rita finds out Dexter is a serial killer, so i wasn't even thinking about her. Ausiello had an interview with a producer after the finale aired and they knew things had to change for Dex and wanted to surprise the viewers. they wrote two scripts and kept it all hush hush.

Kellee said...

They did a great job. I can't help but wonder what this means for him next season. How will it change him, plus how will he juggle his new role with work and serial killing?