January 21, 2010


The dreary wet weather continues. Supposedly, the latest system will be the wettest. I've heard that one before... on Sunday. They said Monday would bring us the most rainfall. Guess what? It was a light drizzle. We got the bulk beginning Tuesday afternoon. Traffic was terrible going home, accidents, slow drivers, bad drivers, etc. Wednesday it held steady. The ground is saturated and a number of sewers are clogged so I saw quite a few flooded intersections. I suspect the flooding will continue and become more severe depending on the actual rainfall.

It cracks me up when you see .25" of rainfall. That's a full days rain. They claimed the same storm dropped 20" in California. It's hilarious to see such a little amount of precipitation wreak havoc. That's the desert for you.

I'll be happy when the clear skies and sunshine return, but these rains are creating lots of business. I'm sacrificing for the greater good, that's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Switching gears...

We've been keeping ourselves busy lately with episodes of Tosh.0 and bowling. I also have a new found admiration for Jeopardy. Go figure.

Have you seen Tosh.0 on Comedy Central? New episodes air on Wednesdays. The show is hosted by Daniel Tosh. Never heard of him before this, but I guess he's a hit with college kids. I'm probably at the top tier of his target audience, but my god, he cracks me up. The show is like Talk Soup, if you've even seen that. Except, this is far more perverted and racist. It's a topical series with Tosh's commentary, they feature viral clips, and they'll hunt down stars of such videos for an interview or redemption. It's really funny shit.

Frank and I want to see Tosh's stand-up. He's coming to Mirage in March, but we'll be in Phoenix. Bummer. We'll have to wait until next time.

Sophmoric humor to intellectual trivia... Jeopardy. I've recently discovered I can now play with confidence. I used to only do well during high school or college weeks. A couple months back, Frank had it on and I thought it must have been a "special edition" because I knew a bunch of answers. However, it was the real deal. I've watched it several times since then and I'm still able to play along. I don't know if they've dumbed down the show or if I've grown wiser. I'll go with the latter. With age comes wisdom, I suppose.

Bowling, I've never been good at it. I play for fun. Frank comes from a family of bowlers, he's been in a number of leagues. When we lived in Chicago it was a regular activity. One year for my birthday, Frank bought me my own ball. But even that didn't help my game. I was okay with that. Living in Vegas, we have dozens of ways to occupy ourselves so bowling took the backseat. We've been a handful of times over the years. Frank was in need of new gear, he was using the same stuff he had as a young teen. So after Christmas, he picked out a new ball and shoes. We've been bowling the past three weeks. I still suck, no surprise there, I try to improve and heed advice, but in doing so it becomes frustrating and the fun fades. Realizing this, I decided to give up on trying and go back to just winging it and have a good time. Guess what? I had two decent games as a result. I've also bowled enough, lately, to know that I need to have work done on my grips, there is too much friction in my thumb hole. So, we'll take it in and get that fitted better. It's unlikely that it'll improve my game, but it might and either way, it'll feel far more comfortable.


Hurricane Mikey said...

When Falcon Rob and I lived together, we'd record every episode of Jeopardy and then try to outdo each other.

I got pretty good at it, but then again, my brain is a repository for useless trivia.

Kellee said...

Yep, that sounds very familiar. It's fun to put that otherwise useless trivia to good use.