January 15, 2010


It is Friday again! This week flew by, thank goodness, because I’m beat. I am hoping to sleep in this weekend. I want nothing more than to kick this fatigue for good. I’m finally feel better, although that pesky cough rears its ugly head from time-to-time, it caused me to sleep shitty three nights of the last seven. Also had nightmares in the mix, those are never fun. I’ll never understand why my mind goes there.

No major plans for the weekend. We will be watching the football games. Frank and I are both in Fantasy Playoffs, he sitting much prettier than me, but I hope to have a nice showing this weekend. There are 130 people in the pool and the top 5 get paid, it would be great for one of us, if not both, to earn some cash.

Since I have little to share about this weekend, I'll tell you about our double-date last Friday with our friends, Jake and Alysha. We grabbed dinner at Fiamma inside MGM Grand. We took advantage of the locals buy one, get one promotion. The guys had the daily special which was bone-in ribeye with mascarpone polenta and Brussels sprout. Us girls chose the same pasta dish, linguine with scallops and prawns. We started with an order of calamari and snacked on bread. They serve it with olive oil, but we always request balsamic vinegar to add to it. It’s so good. We all thoroughly enjoyed the meal - Tasty as always.

Next, we dashed over to Paris, we had tickets to see Anthony Cools. We’ve seen the show before but it was their first time. Over dinner, Alysha suggested that she’d volunteer for the show. She held true to her word. She went up on stage to be hypnotized. She participated in the orchestra by playing the violin. She sold us on her performance. Anthony sat beside her and motioned to be jacking off while she played. She kept a straight face, there is no way I could’ve done that. The next skits she didn't appear to be in tune with, but it was fun to watch the others. Anthony let her go, along with some of the others and then he worked up to the more perverted stuff and porn auditions. Those segments are always a riot. We laughed and laughed. The show was better last time we saw it, the performances were more over the top. But that’s not to say we didn’t have a good time. After the show we asked Alysha if she was hypnotized and she said no. Real or not real, it’s a lot of fun.

They had to get back to the kids and relieve the sitter so they headed home. Meanwhile, Frank and I stopped at PT’s for a couple frosty beers. I played four card keno and hit a few four-spots. My wins helped soften the blow of Frank’s losses. He couldn’t catch a break in keno or video poker. It was pretty bizarre that we had the place to ourselves on a Friday night, but I enjoyed the quiet and lack of smoke. Rather than giving back my winnings we decided to return home. All in all, it was a great night. It’s fun to get out and share some laughs with friends while enjoying this great city.

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